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Checklist to follow before checking in new apartment

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Having an own apartment is the ultimate dream of every family. The satisfaction of moving into a new property cannot be just explained in words. Among all the excitement and happiness you should not checklist the following things before you move into your new dream house or apartment. Make sure than the seller is meeting all his promises, like quality of work, parking space, interiors, furnishing etc. Hence to avoid any kind of problems on your moving day, here is a checklist of important items that you should keep in mind before moving into you apartment.

    Documents Verification: It is an important note for all the new home buyers that they check authenticity of all the documents before they move in to their new apartment. They should make list of documents and keep them in safe keeping for future references.
    Amenities: When the apartments are booked, the builder or broker may have promised you amenities like swimming pool, club house, gyms etc. Make sure that all these amenities are made available to you before you move in or if the project is in-construction, these should be made available under agreement.
    Features and Fittings: Before taking possession of your apartment, check that all the fixtures and fittings are in place as promised under agreement. These fittings may include electric switchboards, bathroom fittings, door knobs, lights, etc. You should also check the quality of fittings and brands.
    Doors and Windows: You must do a full deep survey of the apartment before taking possession. Ensure that all the doors and windows of the apartment are fitted as per the building plan and the quality of equipment is matching the agreement and they are fitted properly.
    Wall Paints Before taking possession of your dream home, wall paint must be thoroughly checked. All the rooms should have paint colour as promised with no visible patches.
    Look for Cracks: This is the most common problem faced by new home movers. You must be careful of any kind of crack on the walls, ceiling, foundation, bathroom tiles, windows and doors and other place in the house. Any of this should be reported to the manager immediately.
    Check for leakages: Now coming to the bathroom and kitchen area. Check all the water fitting and taps properly. Make sure that there are no kind of leakages in the pipes and everything is working as promised. Be sure that the sinks are installed properly and there are no unnecessary leakages in the house.
    Obtain all sets of keys: This is the last thing you should tick away on your checklist. Make sure that all sets of keys are obtained for all the locks and safes of the apartment. These should be obtained at the time of possession.