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Vastu Tips for New Home Buyers

Property in Alwar Residential Properties in Alwar Vastu Tips for New Home

Vastu Shastra is the old age Hindu Traditional Science of Architecture or more commonly known as Vastu. Vastu circles around the common belief formulated with the goal of integrating nature with your house or apartment. It is believed that, for the happiness and prosperity of all the residents of a house, it is important for the house to be built as per the guidelines laid by Vastu Shastra.

You don’t have to be an expert in the ancient knowledge of Vastu to know whether your dream house has been made as per Vastu Guidelines or not. Just a quick glance at your house and you would be able to know whether your house is as per the Vastu Guidelines or not. How? Don’t put too much stress into that, we are here with some very important tips for you that you should keep in mind before buying your house.

The Vastu Shastra for your New House

These are some important things you should look for in your dream house.

    Entrance: If you are looking to buy an apartment, the entrance of your block would be considered as the main entrance to your resident. While buying a new residential property make sure that the entrance gate is located towards or north east. South and west entrances to the house are not recommended
    Ample Ventilation and Sunlight: Vastu lays an importance on having proper ventilation in the house. The house should be open, airy and get plenty of sunlight. Sunlight not only prevents unwanted germs but also kills the smell. A North or Ease Facing windows or balconies are recommended for the Vastu to be complete. According to Vastu, two adjacent houses should not share a common wall as it creates mixed energies.
    Kitchen: According to the traditional mapping of the Vastu, the kitchen should be on the South-East corner of the house or flat. This architecture is known as Aagneya or the direction looked after by fire element.
    Water Storage Tank: According to the Vastu, the water storage tank should be ideally placed in the North East Corner of the apartment or building as this is the area that get the first ray of the sunlight and thus maintains to the purity of the water.
    Toilets and Bathroom: This is an important part of the Vastu Shastra. As per the Vastu, the toilets and bathrooms should be ideally placed on the South West or Southern corner of the house.
    Centre of The House: According to the Vastu, the centre of the house should not be kitchen or bathroom. There should at least be some source of Natural Light in the centre of the house which is generally used as Living Room.

It is an established fact that Vastu Shastra is not some fantasy or super natural, but is purely based on the principle of Science combined with nature. Ensuring the balance in the Vastu of your new house can bring good health and prosperity for the entire family.