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7 Innovative Décor Ideas for your Home


Nothing matches a house decorated with love, passion and innovative styles. Your house says a lot about you, it is the part of your personality. You can either choose to go with classic shades in your house or go with the current trend of neutral shades, simplicity and modern decorations. One thing you should know before you start the decorating plan, is that it’s your house, you can decorate it in any way you wish to see it. Nothing more matters than your own opinion for conceptualising the décor if your house. There is something for you in the Residential Properties in Alwar. If you are looking for some new tips, follow up to see what you have got for us. All these tips can even prove to be helpful even if you are looking to buy Commercial Property in Alwar.

  • Let some space out for Gallery Wall: Nothing more adds to the personality of your house than all your memories framed up on a gallery wall. You can choose from a variety of frames and picture kinds. Opting for cohesive frames and black and white photos can bring variation to the room.
  • Renew the World of Old is Gold: Adding a bit of old times touch to your living room or dining hall can bring out the charm. For example, a chair that looks broken (but is not actually broken), rustic benches, some old lamps, brass table tops and other such old accessories are never too old to give a smooth touch to your room. You should always think twice before choosing your furniture, because they occupy a lot of space and will stay for long times.
  • The sound of Silence: You can always add some flavour of natural sounds in your living room. If you have any unutilised space left in living room, nothing could be more satisfying than enthralling than sound of water in the space. You can make some space for an indoor fountain. Small indoor natural fountains can add detailed excitement to your house.
  • Brightening up the House: You can play bold and ignore the norms of modern décor and choose traditional decoration methods. Instead of choosing multiple pictures for the gallery wall, you can put a one large framed family portrait to fill up the space on wall. Make sure that whether your house is flushed with modern or traditional décor, there should always be ample source of natural lights. They just double the colours of in your house.
  • Youthful Adventure: Inducing modern artwork in the house makes the mood happy and brightens up the day. Integrating bright modern artwork with neutral shades on the wall can create contemporary and yet quite traditional look.
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Buying House for the first time? Here is everything you need to know

“Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.

Everyone has a dream house and they work all their lives to the buy that dream house. Many people wait for all their lifetime to buy that house. People consider everything before they start buying a house. If you are going to buy the first house of your dreams, here are a few things which you might want to consider before investing into your new house.

There is more to a home purchase than picking your favourite listing and moving in. It’s important that you understand all the steps carefully before you buy your new house. You have to look out for any kind of hidden costs and cracks.

Steps to buying a House

It is important that before you jump in top buy your new house, here are a few things you might want to consider before buying the property

  • Put a check on your Finances

You should be well versed with your financial stability. Check your modes of finance and set a maximum cap at which you would wish to buy the house. If you are looking to get loan for buying the house, taking a credit score is the best. The higher your credit score is the more chances are for you to secure loan.

  • Researching the Local Market

It is important that you should not rush in to buy the house. You should monitor the market conditions properly and look for price fluctuations in the area before buying the property. Pay close attention at close lengths about the price changes in your locality. Buy the property when the prices suits your budget. Waiting for too long can cause you a hike in price.

  • Discuss with Agent

With your list of priorities and your pre-approval information in hand, speak to a real estate agent from Om Shiv Properties, who can help you find a home. An agent can facilitate negotiations between buyers and sellers and show you properties that fit your budget and meet your needs.

  • Make a Fair Offer and Negotiate

Om Shiv Properties will help you determine the best of price of the property. Our real estate agent would assist you in determining a fair price of the house you are interested in. You should play smart while offering a price for the property. You should always defer to the advice of our agent before engaging into final negotiations.

  • Handling Inspections and Loans

Inspections of house is one of the most important part of home buying process. You need to tread carefully here. It is important to have the house properly inspected before moving in. Make sure all your loan papers ready before you move further with the purchase. Completing all legal formalities on time is essential.

  • Finalising Paperwork and Closing the Deal

You will work with your lender and your real estate agent to ensure that all of the relevant paperwork for your purchase is in order. You will be able to move into your new home as soon as all of the paperwork has been completed and the seller of the house has been paid.

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6 Vastu Tips for New Home Buyers


Vastu Shastra is the old age Hindu Traditional Science of Architecture or more commonly known as Vastu. Vastu circles around the common belief formulated with the goal of integrating nature with your house or apartment. It is believed that, for the happiness and prosperity of all the residents of a house, it is important for the house to be built as per the guidelines laid by Vastu Shastra.

You don’t have to be an expert in the ancient knowledge of Vastu to know whether your dream house has been made as per Vastu Guidelines or not. Just a quick glance at your house and you would be able to know whether your house is as per the Vastu Guidelines or not. How? Don’t put too much stress into that, we are here with some very important tips for you that you should keep in mind before buying your house.

The Vastu Shastra for your New House

These are some important things you should look for in your dream house.

  • Entrance: If you are looking to buy an apartment, the entrance of your block would be considered as the main entrance to your resident. While buying a new residential property make sure that the entrance gate is located towards or north east. South and west entrances to the house are not recommended
  • Ample Ventilation and Sunlight: Vastu lays an importance on having proper ventilation in the house. The house should be open, airy and get plenty of sunlight. Sunlight not only prevents unwanted germs but also kills the smell. A North or Ease Facing windows or balconies are recommended for the Vastu to be complete. According to Vastu, two adjacent houses should not share a common wall as it creates mixed energies.
  • Kitchen: According to the traditional mapping of the Vastu, the kitchen should be on the South-East corner of the house or flat. This architecture is known as Aagneya or the direction looked after by fire element.
  • Water Storage Tank: According to the Vastu, the water storage tank should be ideally placed in the North East Corner of the apartment or building as this is the area that get the first ray of the sunlight and thus maintains to the purity of the water.
  • Toilets and Bathroom: This is an important part of the Vastu Shastra. As per the Vastu, the toilets and bathrooms should be ideally placed on the South West or Southern corner of the house.
  • Centre of The House: According to the Vastu, the centre of the house should not be kitchen or bathroom. There should at least be some source of Natural Light in the centre of the house which is generally used as Living Room.

It is an established fact that Vastu Shastra is not some fantasy or super natural, but is purely based on the principle of Science combined with nature. Ensuring the balance in the Vastu of your new house can bring good health and prosperity for the entire family.


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Checklist to follow before checking in new apartment


Having an own apartment is the ultimate dream of every family. The satisfaction of moving into a new property cannot be just explained in words. Among all the excitement and happiness you should not checklist the following things before you move into your new dream house or apartment. Make sure than the seller is meeting all his promises, like quality of work, parking space, interiors, furnishing etc. Hence to avoid any kind of problems on your moving day, here is a checklist of important items that you should keep in mind before moving into you apartment.

  • Documents Verification: It is an important note for all the new home buyers that they check authenticity of all the documents before they move in to their new apartment. They should make list of documents and keep them in safe keeping for future references.
  • Amenities: When the apartments are booked, the builder or broker may have promised you amenities like swimming pool, club house, gyms etc. Make sure that all these amenities are made available to you before you move in or if the project is in-construction, these should be made available under agreement.
  • Features and Fittings: Before taking possession of your apartment, check that all the fixtures and fittings are in place as promised under agreement. These fittings may include electric switchboards, bathroom fittings, door knobs, lights, etc. You should also check the quality of fittings and brands.
  • Doors and Windows: You must do a full deep survey of the apartment before taking possession. Ensure that all the doors and windows of the apartment are fitted as per the building plan and the quality of equipment is matching the agreement and they are fitted properly.
  • Wall Paints Before taking possession of your dream home, wall paint must be thoroughly checked. All the rooms should have paint colour as promised with no visible patches.
  • Look for Cracks: This is the most common problem faced by new home movers. You must be careful of any kind of crack on the walls, ceiling, foundation, bathroom tiles, windows and doors and other place in the house. Any of this should be reported to the manager immediately.
  • Check for leakages: Now coming to the bathroom and kitchen area. Check all the water fitting and taps properly. Make sure that there are no kind of leakages in the pipes and everything is working as promised. Be sure that the sinks are installed properly and there are no unnecessary leakages in the house.
  • Obtain all sets of keys: This is the last thing you should tick away on your checklist. Make sure that all sets of keys are obtained for all the locks and safes of the apartment. These should be obtained at the time of possession.
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